Daily Design #328

Daily Design #328. Continuing with yesterday’s ‘F’ theme. I created my daily design on another computer today, then brought it home on a hard drive which will, now, for some reason, no longer mount properly. So, I have created this design to express my exasperation with all things technical. The machines seem to be against me.

On a potentially positive note, I took my MacBook Pro to my trusty Apple Dealer in town to see if we can get Apple to repair my computer for free. There is a known issue which seems identical to what happened to my system and Apple is replacing the parts for free. It’s a crap shoot in my case because my system does not match the exact specs of the systems that are eligible for the courtesy repair, but we’re going to try to buck the system. If Apple knew how many people I converted and delivered from PC hell they would buy me a new laptop (Of course now I am in PC hell but with a Mac). I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the repairs and the ‘F’ theme shall continue. 🙂 See you all tomorrow. Maybe. ~Sean.

daily design 328 - wtf

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