Daily Design #343.

Daily Design #343. Today we replace the pleasantly colored orb designs with a dark and sinister composition. The concept of micromanagement is represented here with a distressed typeface. I chose to set the word with all lowercase letters to represent the argument of minimal intrusion often used in justification, or the denial, of micromanagement. Micromanagement is never recognized by the one executing it, it is only realized by the individuals that inevitably must succumb to the stress which it produces in their lives. This stress is also represented in my choice of typography. Additionally, it is also represented in the graduated color gradient which is steeped in black and dark green at the top with a very small amount of bright green and yellow at the bottom. The bright green and yellow represents vitality and growth that is inevitably choked off by the dark and heavy weight of descending darkness. See you all tomorrow. ~Sean.

daily design 343 micromanagement

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