Daily Design #353. Team Grannies!

Daily Design #353. Today I experimented on branding modifications for The Grannies. The administrator is interested in a T-Shirt design, which was originally what prompted my creation of the logo a few days ago. This design excludes the main logo but uses portions of it to maintain the brand identity of The Grannies. The goal of the design is promote The Grannies to the general public and entice others to join the team so to speak. The Team being a group of people who are trying to raise awareness on the importance of adopting, or otherwise supporting senior pets. This design would work great on a T-Shirt or sticker and many other types of promotional materials. I envision it being printed large on the back of a T-Shirt with the Grannies logo, created earlier, printed on the upper right, front of the T-Shirt. Hope all you Grannies fans like the design! See you all tomorrow. ~Sean.

daily design 353 team grannies

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4 thoughts on “Daily Design #353. Team Grannies!

  1. I’ll take 5 t-shirts and 2 stickers. Where do I sign up? Just trying to say I love it. It works perfectly, or should I say purrfectly, with the logo you created first. And, I hope it can be used to raise awareness of how wonderfully loving senior pets are.

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