Creation #6. Sweet Baby Jesus!

Colleen’s sister was in for a nice visit last week. At some point while we were out and about Colleen, in exasperation over something I can’t recall, exclaimed “sweet baby Jesus!.” To this we all had a good laugh and the phrase became a sort of reoccurring, inside joke for the remainder of the week.

This evening Colleen and I paid a visit to the grocery store to pick up some items and the Express Lane was everything but express. When we finally got to the end of the line and we thought the woman in front of us was about to pay and leave she suddenly had a dispute with the cashier over the price of an item. This was so important to her that she insisted that the cashier go with her to the aisle where the product originated for proof. As you may have guessed, we turned to each other and I exclaimed under my breath, “sweet baby Jesus!” What a laugh we had and when Colleen prepared to text her sister about what I had just said there was a text from her sister responding from a previous message that started with the same expression! More laughs! And, today’s design was born in my head and later recorded with Adobe Illustrator!

creation 6 sweet baby jesusI want to welcome all my visitors from LinkedIn! I would like to encourage you to follow CC on Facebook and/or Twitter. I am just warming up here but I hope to start posting some stuff to stimulate conversation and feedback. I will look forward to feedback from the creative community!
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