Creation #10. Sketchy Fish

Today I was inspired by The Creative Panic, an illustration a day 365 project I’ve been following since last March. There are less than ten days left for that project so I would encourage you to check it out and count down the final ten illustrations!

This evening I dusted off my Wacom tablet and proceeded to make a total mess of things. I will say that working with my new monitor in conjunction with the Wacom is much nicer than in the past when I used it with only my built in laptop screen. regardless I certainly need more practice. 🙂

creation 10 sketchy fishI am eager to start some themes! During the last daily design challenge I did themes for most of each month. I think that was a lot of fun for everyone. I’ll be thinking about my first theme or series but I would love to hear from you too. What do you recommend? What do you want to see?

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