Creation #12. Not Just Stylin’… Free Stylin’!

One of the saving graces of my day job is the quiet camaraderie I have with my coworkers. We’re a small group of designers and proof readers creating print ads. Yesterday one of the designers asked me if we could add a font to our group font list. I agreed and said I would add it to the collective soon. Today a proofreader received a file that opened with a font error and I realized I had not yet put the font on everyone’s system yet. Later in the day as I was visiting each design station, adding the font, which is called Free Style Script, I made a joke to the designer who requested it. I kidded her about how her request disrupted my day and told her she was “Free Stylin’!” I know you had to be there I guess.

Here is the typeface (in green) if you’re interested.

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