2 thoughts on “Creation #14. Restorations Logos.

  1. When I started reading this before scrolling down, I was thinking a teal blue. So when I saw #2 I was drawn to it initially. What do you think about trying #2 with changing the word Restorations back to the tan color in #1? I’m just thinking then it combines the old look you were talking about with the blue fresh sparkle you also mentioned? I love the Restorations font, how your name is, and the sparkles. I think once you get the colors settled, it’s going to be really awesome. I’m proud of you starting this business… and for the volunteer work you’re doing using your talent.

  2. This was an interesting exercise for me. While I am always drawn to warm tones of brown ad beige, #2 actually drew my eyes right in! I still like the brown tones, but thought my initial reaction would be important to you. Best of luck with your new venture!

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