Creation #17. Are You Being Watched…

Yesterday’s design was titled, Have A Dream. Perhaps today’s should be titled Have A Nightmare. Not sure where this came from I was having difficulty coming up with something and eventually I just started painting with the Wacom tablet on two separate layers, random horizontal and vertical stokes. They were colorful at first. I then began experimenting with blending modes, settling on difference. Then I thought “I have to add a photographic image!” after picking the owl I desaturated the paint stroke layers  and left the blending mode on difference. I also realize that there is no question mark. I realized this right before posting and went back to add it. After adding it I decided that it looks better without the punctuation. It reads as a question but it is really an answer to it’s own question. 🙂 Good times! Sweet dreams everyone! Mwaahhh hahahah…

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