Creation #23. Inappropriate Typesetting 01. Raw Sewage.

I smell a new theme coming on! I am not sure how it came to me this evening, but I thought about my post on Friday, Damn The Machines and thought of how I tried to evoke the feeling of a machine with a brushed metal texture on the typography. I added to the “damned” feeling by adding some rust. I was thinking about the choice of a san serif typeface. The machine like coldness and indifference of the Helvetica family.

Then I thought what about typesetting another word or phrase. What about typesetting it with an inappropriate typeface? You could convey the opposite of the verbal meaning of the word by setting it improperly with the right (or wrong) typeography! It could be really funny and I could go for some laughs! so, here we go… It’s the Innappropriate Typesetting theme! Raw Sewage anyone?

creation 23 inappropriate typesetting 01 raw sewageIf you have any disgusting words or phrases that need to be made beautiful, or perhaps, a lovely that you would like to see rendered as a ghastly, leave your suggestions in the comments and I will try to grant you a typographical twist!

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