Creation #28. Inappropriate Typesetting #5. Casual.

Taking it easy today. Well maybe not so much. I hope to catch up on a lot of projects this weekend so I want to get the daily design out of the way early to open up my day for other things.

I used a random word generator to get my word today. after a couple clicks I found the word Casual to be a great choice. It has a clear meaning with a distinct opposite in the word Formal. I used two classic type styles to improperly set the word. A formal script face in the monogram “C” and a traditional face, Goudy Oldstyle, to set the word itself. I also used various ornaments to further support a formal milieu. Hope you like!

creation 28 inappropriate typesetting 5 casual

Suggest your word or phrase for Inappropriate Typesetting in the comments field below!

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