Creation #366. Leap Day Frog!

I was thinking about this project a few weeks ago and realized that since this is a Leap Year I am actually doing a 366 project. At that time I decided that I would do an illustration of a frog for today. Boy was I all over the place! I was not able to devote the level of concentration I wanted to the task. Mainly because I started panicking when I was not achieving very good results with my Wacom tablet. I even made a sketch on my drafting table with traditional pencil and paper then scanned it in to the computer in an effort to help me stay focused with the Wacom. Finally I had to go straight to Adobe Illustrator and construct the frog from basic shape forms. Not my original vision but I like him! Perhaps I will revisit the other, incomplete frogs and do them justice for a future design post. Happy Leap Year, or Day everybody. Enjoy!

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Creation #57. Versal-tility #12.

Can’t believe it’s Sunday night already. This weekend went by much too quickly. Anyway, here is today’s daily design and modern versal.

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Creation #56. Versal-tility #11.

Rolling out a quick modern versal for you this morning before I roll out the door for a small road trip to my hometown in West Virginia. Ya’ all have a great Saturday and I’ll be back with another design on Sunday evening, ‘k?

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Creation #55. Versal-tility #10.

Rolling right along with the Versal-tility series. Tonight’s design was probably one of the easiest I have ever had to conceptualize. For me, the archetypical image of a ‘J’ is in it’s lowercase form set in Bodoni italic. Don’t ask me why, it is just that way for me. If I close my eyes and you say “the letter jay” to me I will instantly see it this way. The obvious visual aspects of the ‘J’ in this form are the round terminal at the bottom and the circular dot at the top. I decided to play upon these visual characteristics by framing the main portion of the character within a large circle. That’s it for today. Hope you like!

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Creation #54. Versal-tility #9.

Tonight’s modern versal is the letter ‘I’ and the typeface chosen is one of my favorite mid-century casual, block serifs, Hellenic Wide (actually the font is a cheap/free knock-off called “Hefty Regular”). Hellenic wide was very popular in the 1960’s and you will probably recognize it in designs created for the entertainment industry. Many an album cover designs and intro title sequences to movies used Hellenic Wide for typsetting. Anyway, another fun evening playing with color and texture and type. Hope you like it too!

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Creation #52. Versal-tility #7.

Quick design tonight. As I went through several typefaces to pick my ‘G’ this evening the ornamentation of this typeface (Jazz LET) kept catching my eye. I am often reluctant to use typography like this. This evening, however I found an unusual appreciation for this one as it is easier and perhaps pleasing to look at in small, single character, doses. Surely, setting even a small amount of copy in a face like this would be distracting to read. It works nicely for a single character and perhaps a very specific logotype or very short headline. As a second thought on the texture, creating a metallic texture, like brushed metal, might have been a nice touch for this one.

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Creation #51. Versal-tility #6.

This might be my favorite so far. Not quite a “modern” typeface being used here. It’s a display face modeled perhaps after signage or poster lettering circa mid 19th century. It’s a freebie font I acquired somewhere. The letter is quite appropriate for the day I have had a my day job.:)

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