Creation #38. Inappropriate Typesetting #13. mission statement.

Today’s subject for inappropriate typesetting is the common phrase, mission statement. Anyone who owns a company or heads up any type of organizational effort should know this phrase well. It is the thing that you establish in writing before you start the organization. It is the defining statement that describes to the world what your organization does, why it does it and how it does it. If an organization does not have one of these then at some point it will inevitably lose cohesion and begin to fall apart because it will lose the ability to focus on a core goal. It will have no essential mission.

Here I have used a large circle to symbolize an organization. Surrounding it are smaller circles symbolizing the people, products and services associated with the organization. The smaller circles are floating away from the larger circle in disarray because there is no mission statement to keep them contained within the larger circle, or at least in some orderly orbit around the larger circle. I have set the words mission statement in lower case and a casual face to indicate that the mission statement was not taken seriously, or worse, never considered at all. I also have the characters set without a common base line indicating instability as they cascade out of control from left to right and from top to bottom indicating decline.

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