Creation #49. Versal-tility #4.

The fourth letter of the alphabet, and the fourth modern versal in the Versal-tility series, Big D. The character is from the typeface Snell Roundhand Black Script. I chose to utilize two glyphs from the same font. In the upper left corner I used the asterisk and on the bottom of the design, rotated about 30˚ is the right curly brace. I thought it would be neat to experiment with using the other shapes from the font as decorative elements. Perhaps inspired by the other Circadian Creative series, Fun With Ornaments.

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3 thoughts on “Creation #49. Versal-tility #4.

  1. Woooooooow! It’s me! it’s me! Were you thinking of me when you designed this or just thought of my name when you finished! It is a Big D! i need to hang this in my office!

  2. I totally agree with Colleen and Donna! This looks like it’s etched out of stone which is the strong side of the feminine design. It will be beautiful hanging in your office, Donna! I love the colors, too. This may sound silly, but when I first looked at it I swear I could feel the texture with my eyes — if that makes sense to anyone but me.

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