Creation #50. Versal-tility #5.

Versal-tility number 5 and the letter ‘E’. Today I was thinking about how I’ve been fitting the designs for this series into to a square format. This is fairly typical of versals but not the only format. Some versal designs were long decorative bands that extended the entire height of the pages they occupied. I will probably not take my interpretations to such lengthy extremes but I decided perhaps that I ought to change the boundaries from time to time. Today I tipped the square 15°. Of course I wanted to maintain a background color so I created one with an un-rotated square background. Old habits die hard I guess. I will be switching up the shapes and boundaries as we move forward in this series, so check back often. Subscribe to the blog and follow me on Facebook and twitter to be sure you are the first to know when I post a new design!

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