Creation #366. Leap Day Frog!

I was thinking about this project a few weeks ago and realized that since this is a Leap Year I am actually doing a 366 project. At that time I decided that I would do an illustration of a frog for today. Boy was I all over the place! I was not able to devote the level of concentration I wanted to the task. Mainly because I started panicking when I was not achieving very good results with my Wacom tablet. I even made a sketch on my drafting table with traditional pencil and paper then scanned it in to the computer in an effort to help me stay focused with the Wacom. Finally I had to go straight to Adobe Illustrator and construct the frog from basic shape forms. Not my original vision but I like him! Perhaps I will revisit the other, incomplete frogs and do them justice for a future design post. Happy Leap Year, or Day everybody. Enjoy!

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1 thought on “Creation #366. Leap Day Frog!

  1. I actually think it’s very cool that you created this image of a frog using nothing by shapes. That’s a unique project in itself. Definitely looks like a frog to me… very impressive. And great idea for today!

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