Creation #53. Versal-tility #8.

Tonight’s design was kind of fun in the making! Enjoy!

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Creation #52. Versal-tility #7.

Quick design tonight. As I went through several typefaces to pick my ‘G’ this evening the ornamentation of this typeface (Jazz LET) kept catching my eye. I am often reluctant to use typography like this. This evening, however I found an unusual appreciation for this one as it is easier and perhaps pleasing to look at in small, single character, doses. Surely, setting even a small amount of copy in a face like this would be distracting to read. It works nicely for a single character and perhaps a very specific logotype or very short headline. As a second thought on the texture, creating a metallic texture, like brushed metal, might have been a nice touch for this one.

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Creation #51. Versal-tility #6.

This might be my favorite so far. Not quite a “modern” typeface being used here. It’s a display face modeled perhaps after signage or poster lettering circa mid 19th century. It’s a freebie font I acquired somewhere. The letter is quite appropriate for the day I have had a my day job.:)

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Creation #50. Versal-tility #5.

Versal-tility number 5 and the letter ‘E’. Today I was thinking about how I’ve been fitting the designs for this series into to a square format. This is fairly typical of versals but not the only format. Some versal designs were long decorative bands that extended the entire height of the pages they occupied. I will probably not take my interpretations to such lengthy extremes but I decided perhaps that I ought to change the boundaries from time to time. Today I tipped the square 15°. Of course I wanted to maintain a background color so I created one with an un-rotated square background. Old habits die hard I guess. I will be switching up the shapes and boundaries as we move forward in this series, so check back often. Subscribe to the blog and follow me on Facebook and twitter to be sure you are the first to know when I post a new design!

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Creation #49. Versal-tility #4.

The fourth letter of the alphabet, and the fourth modern versal in the Versal-tility series, Big D. The character is from the typeface Snell Roundhand Black Script. I chose to utilize two glyphs from the same font. In the upper left corner I used the asterisk and on the bottom of the design, rotated about 30˚ is the right curly brace. I thought it would be neat to experiment with using the other shapes from the font as decorative elements. Perhaps inspired by the other Circadian Creative series, Fun With Ornaments.

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Creation #48. Versal-tility #3.

Today’s modern versal is brought to you by the letter ‘C’. Moving right along through the alphabet I give you number 3. The previous two letters were centered within the square frame I’m using for this series. Today I decided to offset the character to the right of center and use bands of color to frame it on the left, top and bottom. Classic versals contain a lot of ornamentation surrounding the character. With the modern theme the ornamentation should be minimalist and simple. That’s why I will generally use simple shapes, patterns or bands of color as the non typographical elements in these designs.

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Creation #47. Fun With Ornaments #4.

Using the same Bodoni Ornaments from Ornaments #3 I decided to take an opposing twist on the mood of yesterday’s arrangemnt. One reader commented on how “happy” the arrangement was. Another reader mentioned the arrangement looked like winter turning to spring. I too thought the design was pleasant and happy so I thought I would do an arrangement that represented conflict. Overlaying the elements at drastically contrasting sizes gives a feeling of tension and perhaps discomfort.

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