Creation #90. Die – close up.

I am ashamed of recycling a design the way I am doing this evening. This is an alternate crop on yesterday’s “what do you see? #2” post. If you guessed a close up of a die then you were correct. Here is an even more obvious close up of the same illustration.

Today I was caught up in some long overdue personal maintenance which included a long overdue hair cut and car wash. Most of my limited time on the computer was spent researching how to deal with a domain name dispute. Just as I was running out of time I realized that today is the one year anniversary of my successful completion of Circadian Creative 2010-11, my first daily design challenge. Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the start of that great adventure and I promise a more thoughtful creation in tribute to that day. See you then!

creation 90 die close up

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Creation #89. What do you see? #2.

Shortly after posting last night’s creation I knew we had a new theme on our hands! So tonight I present “What do you see? #2. I was going to offer a hint but I think you will see this one fairly easily, so no hints. Enjoy and if you like this little game please feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter or what ever other social media you enjoy. I’ll post the answer tomorrow in the comments and on the Circadian Creative Facebook page.

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Creation #88. What do you see?.

Tonight’s creation was inspired first by the circles from yesterday’s design. I also began playing with the colors that make up the background gradient and thought of something. By the time I finished the design I decided that I would not divulge what I was designing and ask you, the audience, what you think it is. So, what do you see?

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Creation #87. Fun With Ornaments #14.

Ran out of time this evening before I could even start on my design! So this is a record 10 minute creation utilizing the grid of circular shapes from yesterday’s composition. Hope you like! I actually do, and might re-purpose this one into a free desktop image for you to download. Stay tuned!

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Creation #86. Fun With Ornaments #13.

As is so often the case, not a lot to say about tonight’s creation. I really like it and it was indeed fun to create but I have other stuff to do. Hope you like it too!

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Creation #85. Fun With Ornaments #12.

If I were to name this piece I think I would call it Battle. I used the same ornaments from yesterday’s design. Today they interact more. I tried to create the impression of blood on a sword, like a sword in battle.

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Creation #84. Fun With Ornaments #11.

This was fun in the making. I am still thinking of an official title for it. Something a little more artsy or intriguing than “Fun With Ornaments…” Perhaps something like Plotting The Perfect Murder. Could be a nice start for a book cover illustration for a murder mystery.

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Creation #83. Bumbly Bee.

Today a dear friend of Circadian Creative has passed away. This friend is Juliet of The Grannies. Juliet is a 22 year old cat and when she and her sister Kate were rescued from a shelter in 2010 things were about to change for senior pets everywhere.

The very kind person who rescued Juliet and Kate decided to publish their story on Facebook. Their page quickly grew in popularity as so many people were warmed by Juliet and Kate’s sad story. Today the page has over 5000 fans. During the past year and half their story has translated into a community of people working to save abandoned senior cats and dogs from certain death as so many seem to be given up by their owners and put into shelters that will eventually euthanize them. The person who rescued and cared for Juliet and Kate in their final months has founded an organization dedicated to the cause of abandoned pets, and seniors in particular. A year ago we mourned the loss of Kate on March 25th 2011. Juliet passed away earlier today, March 24th 2012. Since this is a Leap Year they passed away exactly one year apart.

During Circadian Creative 2010-11. I designed a logo for the Grannies Facebook page and ever since I’ve been following Juliet and Kate and the cause for abandoned senior pets. One thing that Juliet loved was sitting at the window and gazing out into the yard at the garden. In particular she loved the bumble bees that buzzed around the flowers. This was a trade mark of Juliet and was often the topic of her daily posts. So in honor of Juliet and the difference she has made in the world I offer this Bumbly Bee as today’s daily design. Rest in peace Juliet.

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Creation #81. Fun With Ornaments #9.

I don’t know what to say about this one. My favorite little glyph as of late becomes the background pattern. The font also contains a scimitar shaped glyph and I thought it was kinda cool so I threw it in as a bonus? Have a good evening everyone and I’ll see you back here tomorrow. 🙂

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