Creation #91. Cherry Blossoms Patchwork.

Today I’m thinking about the first day of my first daily design challenge. It was April 1st 2010 and I successfully completed my mission on March 31st of 2011 with an unfiltered version of the illustration I am using in today’s design.

Here I created a patchwork grid with various filter effects applied in the nine sections. The diversity in filters creates a randomness that symbolizes the random array of images that accumulate when one designs something, anything, every day for one year. The underlying illustration maintains its general structure despite the randomness. This structure symbolizes the goal purpose of the daily design challenge – to stick with it and create 365 consecutive designs.

creation 91 cherry blossoms patchworkI have been distracted with other projects at times during Circadian Creative 2012 more-so than during my last challenge. Therefore this challenge is more difficult for me to stick with but today’s creation and analysis of it has helped me to restore my focus and continue on.

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