Creation #96. Planetary Objects 4. La Luna.

Wow! It is funny how something sticks in a totally unexpected way. The first Planetary Objects post was really one of my more lazy efforts. I never thought for once that I would be posting a Planetary Objects 4. I want to thank you all for your responses to these planetary posts, both here and on the Facebook page. They have encouraged me to continue with this impromptu theme. Your comments mean a lot and I was touched yesterday by one in particular – Hi TaLeah! Anyway, I am glad you all are enjoying the posts.

Tonight I was preparing to deliver my first photo restoration project for my new venture, Restorations By Sean Coleman. I will be making my first delivery of a completed restoration project tomorrow. In my preparations this evening I quickly ran out of time. So when it was time to hunker down and work on my post I opened the blinds in my office window, plugged in the Wacom Tablet and sketched the full moon that was rising outside. It’s not all sketching but a combo of basic shape forms and sketched shapes in Adobe Illustrator. See you all tomorrow!

creation 96 planetary objects 4 la luna

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2 thoughts on “Creation #96. Planetary Objects 4. La Luna.

  1. Love this! Looks just like the one outside the window. Something so intriguing about a full moon and I feel it even with this image. Great job… you’re awesome with that tablet.

  2. Looking at this creation is like looking out the window! The clear skies have made the full Moon easy to observe. Everything has been so bright outside the last few nights and I love it. I’m glad you included the Moon.

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