Creation #106. Fun With Ornaments #20.

Tonight I used an ornament from Adobe Woodtype and created this tile pattern. I have been very attracted to the combination of orange and gray in some of the advertising and web design I’ve seen lately so I wanted to use orange and gray in this evenings creation. I threw the green in at the last minute.

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Creation #105. Fun With Ornaments #19.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. Mine has been very productive but I am unfortunately heading into the coming workweek a bit exhausted.

creation 105 fun with ornaments 19

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Creation #104. Office layout.

Here is the final, approved, design for my home office! And I must say the design works great! We removed the old desks and put in the new Ikea desks today. Between running errands in the morning and remodeling the office this afternoon I am beat.

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Creation #103.

Here is an untitled image. I am actually preparing to rearrange my office this weekend and I thought I would measure everything out and scale it down in Adobe Illustrator. Then I could just move stuff around to get a fairly accurate idea of what will work and what won’t. What won’t work seems to be winning. Colleen and I have reworked the layout and circled around to the same solutions many times. This ain’t going to be easy but we will make it work.

So what you are looking at are the various shapes I used to create the image of our desks by merging and dividing them in Adobe Illustrator. The composition is stylized in a way that makes it difficult to see how they could possibly be used to create the shape of a desk. After I saw the shapes together I had to use them for today’s design.

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Creation #101. Catchin’ Some Z’s.

It’s been a long day and I’m tired. Lots of manual labor but I earned two cool Ikea desks for my home office! Soon Colleen and I will be crankin’ out all sorts of creative designs and writing and such… after we put get rid of our existing desks, and re-assemble the Ikea desks… and I get some sleep. Good night all and see you again tomorrow with another design!

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