Creation #99. Stars And Circles.

Today’s creation borrows from yesterday’s Fun With Ornaments design. I removed many of the star shapes somewhat randomly and added circular shapes in varying sizes and color. Aside from the contrast created between the roundness of the circles and the sharpness of the star shapes, there is an additional, subtle contrast between the two shape groups. The star shapes retain their consistent size and placement on a strict grid (see yesterday’s design) while the circles are randomly scaled and placed with disregard to the grid. Hope you like!

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Creation #98. Fun With Ornaments #17.

I am tired from my weekend travels so I offer you my humble design and little commentary. Hope you all had a happy Easter and I will see you tomorrow with another design!

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Creation #97. Fun With Ornaments #16.

Very quick creation this evening. I am in West Virginia visiting family and can’t help but be inspired by the Spring scenery. Everything is in bloom and the weather, although a touch cool, is actually quite nice.

I used glyphs from a display font called Teaspoon. What you are looking at is the letter ‘x’ from this puffy typeface with the standard circular bullet point cutting through it. Looks similar to a blossom. Happy Spring everyone.

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Creation #96. Planetary Objects 4. La Luna.

Wow! It is funny how something sticks in a totally unexpected way. The first Planetary Objects post was really one of my more lazy efforts. I never thought for once that I would be posting a Planetary Objects 4. I want to thank you all for your responses to these planetary posts, both here and on the Facebook page. They have encouraged me to continue with this impromptu theme. Your comments mean a lot and I was touched yesterday by one in particular – Hi TaLeah! Anyway, I am glad you all are enjoying the posts.

Tonight I was preparing to deliver my first photo restoration project for my new venture, Restorations By Sean Coleman. I will be making my first delivery of a completed restoration project tomorrow. In my preparations this evening I quickly ran out of time. So when it was time to hunker down and work on my post I opened the blinds in my office window, plugged in the Wacom Tablet and sketched the full moon that was rising outside. It’s not all sketching but a combo of basic shape forms and sketched shapes in Adobe Illustrator. See you all tomorrow!

creation 96 planetary objects 4 la luna

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Creation #95. Planetary Objects 3.

I continue to space out this week with this third planetary creation. I really enjoyed playing with the illusion of light by creating shadows in the face of the large red planet and its ring. 🙂

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Creation #93. Planetary Objects.

Another quick creation this evening. This one I think is more interesting than yesterday’s. Another celestial themed composition. I guess you could say I’ve been spacing out the past couple days!

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Creation #91. Cherry Blossoms Patchwork.

Today I’m thinking about the first day of my first daily design challenge. It was April 1st 2010 and I successfully completed my mission on March 31st of 2011 with an unfiltered version of the illustration I am using in today’s design.

Here I created a patchwork grid with various filter effects applied in the nine sections. The diversity in filters creates a randomness that symbolizes the random array of images that accumulate when one designs something, anything, every day for one year. The underlying illustration maintains its general structure despite the randomness. This structure symbolizes the goal purpose of the daily design challenge – to stick with it and create 365 consecutive designs.

creation 91 cherry blossoms patchworkI have been distracted with other projects at times during Circadian Creative 2012 more-so than during my last challenge. Therefore this challenge is more difficult for me to stick with but today’s creation and analysis of it has helped me to restore my focus and continue on.

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