Creation #177. Bonsai Wisdom.

Bonsai Wisdom is an idea I have been bouncing around for about a month now. If I ultimately deem it worthy of existing it will become yet another personal project. It actually would not become a completely new task for me as it will largely coincide with my existing bonsai maintenance routines. In fact it may help me to improve the quality of that routine and subsequently the quality of my trees.

I will not share the entire concept all at once but will start by sharing my first logo mock up. The circular, brush stroke shape is a common archetypical symbol of Zen. I am still thinking about the typography but I the best choice will be an Oldstyle or Classical typeface and I believe Adobe Jenson fits the bill quite nicely. Color has also not been decided on, but I found the dark gray and bright green combo to be rather refreshing, for now.

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1 thought on “Creation #177. Bonsai Wisdom.

  1. I like the circle that looks like a brush stroke. To me, leaving it open gives the idea that you are allowing more ideas (wisdom) to be continually added. Maybe that’s what the project is all about.

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