Creation #165. Bonsai 22.

I believe this will be my last bonsai tree illustration. Here we have a Sokan, or Double Trunk style bonsai. The design is characterized by tree that splits into two trunks starting at the base. Variations on this style include multitrunk (more than two trunks, like 3 or 5) and clump style which has a lot more than two trunks.

Only 200 more designs to go!

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Creation #164. Bonsai 21.

I’m getting close to the end of my Bonsai Style series (I think). There are actually more styles than I will be illustrating but I will have covered the basics by the time I finish this series. The forest style is one of my favorites. A good forest design can really draw you in. As you meditate on such a composition you can actually feel yourself standing at the forest edge looking in, contemplating the wonders of nature.

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Creation #162. Bonsai 20.

As promised, the Cascade style bonsai. The difference between Semi Cascade and cascade is in the length of the cascading branches. In Semi Cascade the branches descend just past the top edge of the pot. In Cascade style the descending branches often extend beyond the bottom of the pot requiring the design to be placed on a stand. There are also tall cascade pots that will accommodate a Cascade style bonsai design without the need for a stand.

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Creation #161. Bonsai 19.

Happy Sunday to you all. Today I return to the bonsai illustrations after a couple of days of shenanigans. I will likely be continuing the bonsai theme through the coming week as get closer the the end of my project for Bonsai Empire. Today’s bonsai style is called Semi Cascade which depicts a tree growing over (or out from) the side of a mountain. There is also a style called Cascade (Full Cascade). I will share that one with you tomorrow.

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Creation #160. Happy Birthday Shelby.

I swore (to myself) that I was not going to do dedications, or birthdays, or holidays with CC 2012. However I ran out of time today and I am busy administering a Facebook page that is having a virtual party for a kitty birthday. So I am posting a design I made to plug that event.

This is my cat Shelby who has diagnosed with Kidney disease several years ago. For nearly a year she has been battling the disease and has overcome hurdle after hurdle. We never imagined that she would live to see her birthday today, but she is still fighting. Rock on Shelby and Happy Birthday!

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