Creation #180. Bonsai Wisdom 4. (June, 29th 2012).

Well, I’ve missed two days of posts due to the weather. You may have heard about the crazy storm that swept through the Mid Atlantic U.S. Friday evening. I was in it’s path and have had no power or internet access until today. I’m still without power but have internet for a few hours so I wanted to catch up on my posts and update you. Wish me luck on getting my electricity restored. The power company says it could be several days, perhaps not until the end of this week.

Friday’s design was another logo concept for the potential Bonsai Wisdom project. Friday morning on my way to West Virginia, I stopped in on Meehan’s Miniatures, a bonsai nursery located about an hour from me. I have been buying their specimens and other products since the beginning of my personal bonsai journey 18 years ago. It was nice to finally introduce myself to the owner and get a tour of their operation. Perhaps the makings for a future article for Bonsai Wisdom!

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