Creation #215. Wabi-sabi 03.

I shot this image this morning as I was getting out of my car to enter my workplace. I park in front of this tree nearly every day. However today was the first time I ever noticed that the first branch was dead. The tree is perfectly healthy otherwise which perhaps overshadows the imperfection of this lonely dead branch.

To me the beauty in this tree is the fact that it is perfectly fine other than this branch. The tree’s message to us is that sacrifice is a natural part of the big picture. Sacrifice is sometimes essential for balance. I imagine this tree having enough resources to live and grow but at some point needed to sacrifice this branch in order to achieve that balance.

Personally I am surprised that I never noticed the dead branch because I often notice trees. In fact I will likely be posting tree images often during this wabi-sabi series, just so you know.

creation 215 wabi-sabi 03

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