Creation #220. Wabi-sabi 08.

More from the Archives. Thought I would take a break from tree images and hit the beach. Colleen actually mentioned to me today that she feels the need to hit the beach for a few days. I wouldn’t mind that myself.

This image was captured in October of 2006 during a weekend at Chincoteague, Virginia. I love finding moments in time like this one. This scallop shell is being consumed by the sands of time. Or, are the sands of time releasing it to the light of day? I would have had to stand there much longer that the time it took for me to take the shot to find out. The truth is, everything is in flux. For this shell there is a time to be consumed and a time to be released. I’m sure it has gone through many of those cycles. And so it goes again and again until it too is reduced to grains of silica transported by wind and water.

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