Creation #224. Wabi-sabi 12.

Today’s image was taken last year on one of my periodical trips back to my homeland of West Virginia. This stretch of Appalachian mountains is actually located in western Maryland east of Sideling Hill where a high ridge was cut out to accommodate U.S. Interstate 68. During the excavation the curvature of the underlying strata revealed that the top of the current ridge was at one time, millions of years ago, the valley between two much larger mountain ridges. If you are interested in the geology of it all here is a good page to read.

The Appalachian Mountains are an ancient chain stretching from Newfoundland down the eastern United States to the state of Alabama. The mountains are roughly 480 million years old and once boasted the high altitudes and rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains. Millions of years of erosion have reduced the Appalachians to the rolling hills and valleys of today.

This is the scenery I grew up with and to this day it recharges and renews my sense of wonder and timeless beauty that our world has to offer. In these mountains are the roots of my ever evolving philosophy on existence and my love for the natural world and related pursuits such as bonsai.

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