Creation #227. Wabi-sabi 15.

Yesterday while browsing through my archives I passed up this image. For some reason I felt compelled to post it today.

The picnic tables are old and showing signs of decay but overall they are still in pretty good shape. The natural elements in the image are not the focus, they are peripheral and background. However, the overall composition to me is what makes it work. Each element works together to convey a calming feeling. The image is restful. I remember taking this shot and thinking how inviting the picnic tables were at that particular moment in time, in that particular space. Shaded from the warm late afternoon sun by wise old sycamore trees. In fact, you may notice that the bench of the second table is no longer level. The roots of a sycamore tree have grown under the bench and over time lifted the bench in a way that says “come, sit with me. Sit here on this bench and relax with me for a moment.”

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