Creation #233. Wabi-sabi 21.

This evening’s session browsing my photo archives took me to several images I shot a few years ago at the National Bonsai And Penjing Museum. This is a closeup of a crab apple tree in bloom. At the time this specimen was on display in the courtyard. Not sure if it belongs to Japanese, American or Chinese collection. I simply love the contrast between the age represented by the twisted trunk and rugged bark and the fresh, newness of the blossoms.

I will be promoting the National Bonsai And Penjing Museum  over the next several months. For one it is a beautiful place to visit and most definitely a national treasure. Secondly, the National Bonsai Foundation is working hard to raise funds to renovate the Japanese Pavilion which is the oldest section of the museum. The estimated cost of renovation is $2 million. The Foundation has been making great progress in reaching its goal through generous donations but they still need approximately $500,000 more. If you would like to donate please visit there website here.

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