Creation #234. Wabi-sabi 22.

There is a profound, poignant beauty in a man-made structure or sculpture that has been ravaged by the forces of nature, particularly time. I will let you draw your own impressions of this image. Just know that this image truly evokes a feeling of wabi-sabi. The gift to you from the universe are the thoughts and reflections it instils in you. The moment in time pictured here is simply the messenger. Each of us will surely take something unique and personal from a scene like this. The sad thing is the only reason many of us will study this scene is because it has been captured and framed here as a photograph, otherwise any one of us would simply pass it by as “a broken bird bath.” Take time to see the photographs all around you everyday and your gifts from the universe will be many.

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4 thoughts on “Creation #234. Wabi-sabi 22.

  1. What a great find this is! Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to have seen this when it was new. It was certainly a wonderful idea for a bird bath. It makes me feel sad that it didn’t receive enough loving care to preserve it even as it aged. It makes me wonder about all the beautiful birds who stopped by to be refreshed!

  2. I almost appreciate this image more because it has been ravaged by weather and time. I think the broken parts are part of the beauty, especially when coupled with the treasures that some creature, or maybe even a gentle wind, easily placed inside.

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