Creation #239. Wabi-sabi 27.

This image was taken in Florida a couple years ago. I believe in a park in downtown Orlando. I can’t remember what kind of tree this is but it is ancient. The trunk is about 6 feet wide and the large heavy branches emerge like the waving arms of a giant octopus. They extend upward slightly at the base of the trunk and then level off for a distance before they descend downward where some touch and grow along the ground for a few feet before growing upward again. A truly fascinating tree and I could almost hear the tales it had to tell of its centuries on this green earth.

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3 thoughts on “Creation #239. Wabi-sabi 27.

  1. I like how this shot is cropped. The tree as a whole was amazing and definitely had a story to tell. Think of all the people over the years who have paused to admire its strange beauty. How many took a photo in the exact spot we did?

  2. Imagine when it was a very young tree! I’m glad it has gotten to be such a wonderful old tree — has not been cut down (God forbid), or struck by lightning. It’s as if nature looks upon it with pleasure. Great photo!

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