Creation #275. Bonsai 24. Congratulations to Bonsai Empire!

When I started this blog over 2 years ago my intention was to improve myself as a creative professional. I also hoped to connect with other graphic designers in the process. I believe that I have become a better, more educated and practiced designer for my efforts here, but I have not really connected with other designers as I had hoped.

Despite my lack of creative connections I have not been disappointed. This blog has a very small following in the blogosphere and on Facebook that from time to time has given me some recognition and allowed me to form some great friendships.

Tonight I would like to recognize one of those friendships. The website Bonsai Empire founded by Oscar Jonker and Youri Van Pinxteren recently exceeded 10,000 Facebook fans which is quite an accomplishment. I would like to congratulate them on all of their hard work promoting bonsai education to the international community. They have certainly been a great resource and inspiration to me as I have committed to improving my knowledge and skill. I am also honored for the small part I have been allowed to play in their mission.

Once again, congratulations guys on exceeding 10,000 fans! You are doing a great job and I’m happy to be at your service.

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