Creation #335.

Happy December everyone! I would like to up the quality of my daily designs for the remaining 31 days of Circadian Creative 2012 by creating free desktop images for you to use on your computers! Think of it as my thank you gift for faithfully following me during both the 2010 and 2012 daily design challenges.

A sub-theme I would like to pursue is typesetting quotes from some of my favorite creative personalities. Other design will include patterns and perhaps some of my photography. The most popular 5 to 10 designs will be converted to iPhone and iPad backgrounds in January 2013. Tonight I chose a great quote from a graphic designer that inspired me early in my career and still inspires me today, Milton Glaser. Click on the image below to get it in full size and then feel free to download it for personal use as your computer desktop background!

20121201_desktopDesignPlease Follow Circadian Creative on Facebook and Twitter!

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