Creation #203. Bonsai Wisdom 6.

I’ve been playing around with WordPress software this weekend locally on my system. The project I am still considering is called Bonsai Wisdom and the identity piece for the project is still not settled. I thought today about the words bonsai and wisdom and rendering them in kanji characters. My problem is I hope I am conveying the correct impression of wisdom. I am unsure because I really know nothing about the Japanese language. If any of you know what the correct kanji characters are for wisdom let me know. I am trying to convey the sense of wisdom gained through practicing bonsai. Trust me you begin to translate the techniques for training trees into your life after awhile. Patience, tolerance and respect, among other concepts necessary for successful bonsai cultivation, begin to become utilized in other parts of your life. 🙂

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Creation #181. Bonsai Wisdom 5. (June, 30th 2012).

The last concept idea I have at this point for Bonsai Wisdom. I think that I have some good starting points for the logo and with a little refinement here or there I should have something really nice for identity!

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Creation #180. Bonsai Wisdom 4. (June, 29th 2012).

Well, I’ve missed two days of posts due to the weather. You may have heard about the crazy storm that swept through the Mid Atlantic U.S. Friday evening. I was in it’s path and have had no power or internet access until today. I’m still without power but have internet for a few hours so I wanted to catch up on my posts and update you. Wish me luck on getting my electricity restored. The power company says it could be several days, perhaps not until the end of this week.

Friday’s design was another logo concept for the potential Bonsai Wisdom project. Friday morning on my way to West Virginia, I stopped in on Meehan’s Miniatures, a bonsai nursery located about an hour from me. I have been buying their specimens and other products since the beginning of my personal bonsai journey 18 years ago. It was nice to finally introduce myself to the owner and get a tour of their operation. Perhaps the makings for a future article for Bonsai Wisdom!

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Creation #178. Bonsai Wisdom 2.

Creating tonight’s version of the Bonsai Wisdom logo has inspired me with even more ideas. well, actually one more idea, which may just be the one. Here is where I stopped this evening. More and hopefully better concepts to come!

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Creation #177. Bonsai Wisdom.

Bonsai Wisdom is an idea I have been bouncing around for about a month now. If I ultimately deem it worthy of existing it will become yet another personal project. It actually would not become a completely new task for me as it will largely coincide with my existing bonsai maintenance routines. In fact it may help me to improve the quality of that routine and subsequently the quality of my trees.

I will not share the entire concept all at once but will start by sharing my first logo mock up. The circular, brush stroke shape is a common archetypical symbol of Zen. I am still thinking about the typography but I the best choice will be an Oldstyle or Classical typeface and I believe Adobe Jenson fits the bill quite nicely. Color has also not been decided on, but I found the dark gray and bright green combo to be rather refreshing, for now.

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Creation #174. Bonsai 23.

Tonight I am proud to post a creation that I actually created last weekend. I did not want to publish it then because it is sort of a branding item. I have finally completed my design for Bonsai Empire which provided me with many daily designs. We just approved the compiled image a few short hours ago!

The illustration I present to you today is a character I created for the Bonsai Empire project. His name is Mr. Miyagi and he is making his debut in an info graphic that I have spent the past several weeks working on. I am extremely pleased with how the design came out, and more importantly, Bonsai Empire loves it as well! They have published the piece on their website and will begin promoting it tomorrow!

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