Creation #251.

I want to thank you all for hanging with me this week. It’s been a tough one and I have not felt like doing commentary. This color scheme is the same as yesterday’s but I changed the shape pattern. While working on a logo for another project I created a grid of circles and thought it would be cool to re-purpose it for my daily designs. I will share the logo with you soon. I think it turned out pretty cool and I will be meeting with the client tomorrow to discus the logo, a website design and some other visual communications goals.

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Creation #245.

Taking it easy on this Labor Day weekend. I may do a series of color scheme designs. they are easy to do and I need to think about them anyway for some impending web design projects I will be working on. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

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Creation #244. Rest In Peace Shelby

Today is a very sad day in my household. We took our cat Shelby to the vet today to have her put to sleep. Shelby fought a long hard battle with kidney disease for the past several years. Really, the actual “battle” was fought hardest over the past year. She actually made it look easy. This little creature that weighed about 5lbs (or less at times), cheated death more than nine times over the past year. The past year with Shelby has changed my life in ways I am sure I don’t even know right now. I am eternally grateful for every minute we had with her. It is amazing, the enormous void such a tiny cat has left in our life.

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