Creation #91. Cherry Blossoms Patchwork.

Today I’m thinking about the first day of my first daily design challenge. It was April 1st 2010 and I successfully completed my mission on March 31st of 2011 with an unfiltered version of the illustration I am using in today’s design.

Here I created a patchwork grid with various filter effects applied in the nine sections. The diversity in filters creates a randomness that symbolizes the random array of images that accumulate when one designs something, anything, every day for one year. The underlying illustration maintains its general structure despite the randomness. This structure symbolizes the goal purpose of the daily design challenge – to stick with it and create 365 consecutive designs.

creation 91 cherry blossoms patchworkI have been distracted with other projects at times during Circadian Creative 2012 more-so than during my last challenge. Therefore this challenge is more difficult for me to stick with but today’s creation and analysis of it has helped me to restore my focus and continue on.

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Cherry Blossoms

Day One! Today I am sharing with you an image of cherry blossoms. Technically it is an illustration and not really a design. All nit picking aside, it’s my first post in this challenge submitted for your approval and enjoyment.

cherry blossoms

I wanted my first submission to be something special on a few different levels. First the daily design challenge is a bit symbolic personally in that it is a new beginning for me. In the beginning of my career over 10 years ago I was told that I had a knack for illustration. It makes sense because before I got into computer aided design I was a sketcher and painter. Because of this I wanted my first submission to be an illustration. Additionally, Adobe Illustrator was the first computer program that I ever mastered, and this image was created using that application. Along the theme of new beginnings, cherry blossoms are an icon of spring and early April in particular. Geographically, cherry blossoms are also very popular here in the Washington D.C. area this time of year. If you expand the geographic symbolism of cherry blossoms you end up in Japan. I can not say that my design sensibilities will reveal obvious oriental influence, however my appreciation of the orient is well known. For example I am a bonsai enthusiast. I also love Godzilla movies.

cherry blossomTechnical aspects of this illustration are derived from circular shapes. Aside from the tree branch, all other aspects of the image are created by using circles. The circle is symbolic of recurring change and rebirth. The cyclical theme not only ties well into the Spring season but also lends itself to the idea of daily cycles which was the inspiration used in naming this blog (circadian rhythm – “circadian creative”). The individual blossoms were created by merging 5 perfect circles to create the petals and applying a radial (circular) gradient. The anatomical details of each blossoms’ stamen were also created with circles which were manipulated in various ways. Even the blue background is created with a radial gradient of differing values of cyan color. Finally I framed the illustration within a circle.

So, there you have it. My first post! very exciting. I will be on the road this weekend and may not have much time to create something each day (April 2-4) so I have decided that I will post prototypes of the Circadian Creative logo (banner image) each day. I think that describing my thoughts on these images will not only explain how I came up with the name, but also explain a little more about me and some of my design sensibilities.