Creation #79. Fun with gifs 01. Countdown.

We all know how cheesy and inappropriate animated gifs are for any web design project. Right? Well, actually the other day while working on a web project I was compelled to created one. I needed to create an image that would showcase several products within a small space, so my immediate thought was to use an animated gif and I did and it looks lovely.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, a gif file is a small image file format used for web graphics. the name gif is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. One of the neat features of gif is its ability to contain multiple images in frames that can be displayed at a predetermined frame rate, much like a video.

Tonight I thought “I should defy the principles of good design and create an animated gif.” Then I thought “how about a new theme where I try to design cool animated gifs? Yeah!” My goal is to design some animated gifs that could be appreciated in an artistic or design sense. It’s probably not going to be easy, but it should be fun. Here is my first one to get me warmed up. I call it Countdown.

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Creation #78. Sakura Blossom 01.

I illustrated this sakura blossom (cherry blossom) early this morning while working on a retail advertisement for a local furniture store having a “Cherry Blossom Sale” in the coming weeks. I used the blossom image throughout the ad to give it some atmosphere. After creating it I decided that it was also going to serve as my daily design today. I love it when I can take care of two tasks in one sitting!

By the way. The cherry blossoms are already blooming here in the D.C area. Quite a bit earlier than usual and it looks like the annual Cherry Blossom Festival may be too late this year.

The sakura blossom also has special meaning to Circadian Creative. The first design for the 2010 challenge was an illustration of cherry blossoms on the branch created in Adobe Illustrator. I ended that challenge with a similar illustration using the Wacom tablet. So in keeping with tradition I will be illustrating another sakura inspired design on April 1st for this challenge!

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Creation #77. Fun With Ornaments #7.

After finishing this one I was surprised at how much I’m liking it. Despite the lack of contrast there seems to be an engaging feeling of dimension and perspective taking place here.

creation 77 fun with ornaments 7

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Creation #76. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Using the background pattern from yesterday’s design I illustrated a quick four leaf shamrock and over-layed it on to that background. Festive! Hope everyone has a happy and safe St. Paddy’s day. See you again tomorrow.

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Creation #75. Fun With Ornaments #6.

Perhaps I am gearing up for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. This lovely glyph was in the same font as the same ones used in yesterday’s design. Today it seemed more appealing to me than yesterday. Like I said, perhaps I am gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day. And, perhaps I will have more Celtic or Gaelic inspired designs for tomorrow!

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