2010/2011 Circadian Creative People’s Choice Top 10.

Well, its been about 2 months since I completed my Daily Design Challenge.This time has been a very nice break from the blog and honestly, I never intended to be away this long, but I guess I needed the break and I look forward to getting back to posting on a more consistent basis.

At the end of the 365 challenge I promised some Best Of/Worst Of compilations. Here is the first – The Circadian Creative People’s Choice Top 10. Now, I want to let you all know that this isn’t a completely ‘accurate’ list. I will be posting three top 10 lists. This one was compiled last. I first compiled the Top 10 (Best) and the Worst 10 lists (coming soon). These lists were based on my opinions as well as some reader feedback. Then I compiled the People’s Choice Top list. This list was based on page views, comments and “likes”. I selected more than 10 items and weeded out any items that had already earned a spot in one of the previous 2 lists to avoid redundancy across the lists, which I am sure you will all appreciate. I also omitted the final design. After all Daily Design was “Freshly Pressed” and for that, received record breaking traffic, “likes” and comments.

Here we go, counting down from 10. You may click on the title or image to read the original post.

10. Music Art #16. In Memory Of Elvis Presley.

music art 16 - in memory of elvis presley

9. Music Art #9. Duran Duran, Night Boat.

music art 9 - duran duran - night boat

8. Typographic Character Forms 19.

typographic character forms 19

7. Daily Design #345. To Japan With Love.

daily design 345. to japan with love.

6. Daily Design #260. Christmas Tree.

daily design 260 christmas tree

5. American Muscle

american muscle

4. Music Art #5. TMBG Logo Concept.

music art 5 - tmbg logo concept

3. Daily Design #350.

daily design 350.

2. Daily Design #353. Team Grannies!

daily design 353 team grannies

1. Wacom Tablet, Day 15.

wacom tablet day 15

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18,000 Thank Yous!

18000 thank yous
I just want to post a quick message to everyone who has visited, commented and shared their own creative projects over the past several days. I also want to thank WordPress for featuring me on Freshly Pressed last week. I have received nearly 18,000 page views since Friday morning, April 1st., and that’s no joke! I am really honored and grateful for the exposure. I am also very grateful to have many of you subscribing to the blog, as well as following along on Facebook and Twitter. Many of you have projects of your own and I am so happy to be aware of them now and I look forward to checking in on them regularly. To all you 365ers out there, keep it up!

The 365 project takes a lot out of you, but it is well worth the effort. For now, I have been taking a break in between reading and replying to comments. I’ll be back though. I also want to  let you know that I will be posting projects and perhaps sharing the work of other artists, designers and creatives soon. Stay tuned and look for the Best and Worst of Circadian Creative in a few days. After that who knows what I’ll get into but what ever it is I will post it here!

Thanks again to everyone and I will be back again very soon!

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