Creation #244. Rest In Peace Shelby

Today is a very sad day in my household. We took our cat Shelby to the vet today to have her put to sleep. Shelby fought a long hard battle with kidney disease for the past several years. Really, the actual “battle” was fought hardest over the past year. She actually made it look easy. This little creature that weighed about 5lbs (or less at times), cheated death more than nine times over the past year. The past year with Shelby has changed my life in ways I am sure I don’t even know right now. I am eternally grateful for every minute we had with her. It is amazing, the enormous void such a tiny cat has left in our life.

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Creation #243. Wabi-sabi 31.

Well it’s been an enjoyable month of daily posts. I realize I wasn’t really designing something new each day but sharing my thoughts on these photos was a healthy exercise for me. Being a designer is not always about creating. It is important to study the world around you and reflect on what things seem to be communicating without words.

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Creation #366. Leap Day Frog!

I was thinking about this project a few weeks ago and realized that since this is a Leap Year I am actually doing a 366 project. At that time I decided that I would do an illustration of a frog for today. Boy was I all over the place! I was not able to devote the level of concentration I wanted to the task. Mainly because I started panicking when I was not achieving very good results with my Wacom tablet. I even made a sketch on my drafting table with traditional pencil and paper then scanned it in to the computer in an effort to help me stay focused with the Wacom. Finally I had to go straight to Adobe Illustrator and construct the frog from basic shape forms. Not my original vision but I like him! Perhaps I will revisit the other, incomplete frogs and do them justice for a future design post. Happy Leap Year, or Day everybody. Enjoy!

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Creation #19. Bonsai Image 01.

You may come to realize my affinity for the art of Bonsai during the next few days. I am working on some visual elements for Bonsai Empire’s website and I may try to save some time by combining portions of that creative process as my daily design posts. I won’t say exactly what this image is for, although you might be able to guess.

I am using the typography chosen by the client for their brand identity. The image is a close up of a photo taken by yours truly on one of my many visit’s to the National Arboretum’s National Bonsai And Penjing Museum located in Washington D.C.

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Creation #18. Acer Palmatum.

Contrary to what you might initially think the subject of this illustration is, I’m sorry to tell you that it is merely the five lobed leaves of the Japanese Maple.

I am getting ready to work on some more icons and illustrations for Bonsai Empire so tonight was devoted to a lot of doodling. 🙂 See you all tomorrow.

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Creation #17. Are You Being Watched…

Yesterday’s design was titled, Have A Dream. Perhaps today’s should be titled Have A Nightmare. Not sure where this came from I was having difficulty coming up with something and eventually I just started painting with the Wacom tablet on two separate layers, random horizontal and vertical stokes. They were colorful at first. I then began experimenting with blending modes, settling on difference. Then I thought “I have to add a photographic image!” after picking the owl I desaturated the paint stroke layers  and left the blending mode on difference. I also realize that there is no question mark. I realized this right before posting and went back to add it. After adding it I decided that it looks better without the punctuation. It reads as a question but it is really an answer to it’s own question. 🙂 Good times! Sweet dreams everyone! Mwaahhh hahahah…

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