Creation #295. A little October research.

If you are following Circadian Creative on Facebook (and I encourage you to do so) I posed the trivia question with yesterday’s post. Why is October the 10th month when “oct…” means eight?

The “Old Roman” or Julian calendar originally contained 10 months. The calendar year began in March (or Martius) which would make October the eighth month. Also think about the names of October’s neighbors, SEPTember is seven, NOVember is nine and DECember is 10. There were problems with the calendar scheme. The duration of the calendar year did not accurately account for the actual length of the days in a single year, which averages to just under 365.25 days. Therefore every few years the calendar would have to be adjusted to reset the days of the year to more accurately coincide with equinoxes and solstices. This problem was corrected even further 1582 with the Gregorian Calendar which added two months January and February, bumping the placement of months up by two. Now October is the tenth month.

I actually just researched this today. I also expected to find the origins of our calendar in the zodiac. I’m sure the origins do reside there but deeper digging is required. I suspect that ancient calendars, prior to the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians used twelve months which coincide with the astrological signs.

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