Creation #88. What do you see?.

Tonight’s creation was inspired first by the circles from yesterday’s design. I also began playing with the colors that make up the background gradient and thought of something. By the time I finished the design I decided that I would not divulge what I was designing and ask you, the audience, what you think it is. So, what do you see?

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3 thoughts on “Creation #88. What do you see?.

  1. Reblogged this on my adventure as a… and commented:
    what a strange design. anime eye floating in the sky? a barren wasteland with a dark planet or moon above? i like where this is going though. i think it is the contrast between the gradient and the sharp edge of that circle.

  2. Just so you know… The “eyes” have it. I was thinking of a shark’s eye when I created this image. The gray gradient being the skin of the shark going from white on the bottom to darker shades of gray at the top. And of course, the glossy lifeless, doll-like eye.

    BTW – There was more commentary on the Circadian Creative Facebook page. So if you haven’t “liked” the page you might want to. 🙂

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