Creation #120. Circles and Arcs 12.

In preparation for another project I am seeking inspiration in some traditional Japanese patterns. Tonight I was experimenting, trying to recreate a common pattern comprised of many repeating circles. This is not what I was originally going for but I decided to stop here because I this result rather interesting. I will continue my experimentation tomorrow and see what results. And, perhaps I will share it with you here!

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Creation #119. Circles and Arcs 11.

Yesterday’s gray, cool day turned to a rainy evening. Today it is bright and sunny and clean! In reality there is not a cloud in the sky, so my illustration is not exactly true to life.

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Creation #118. Circles and Arcs 10.

It’s a gray, cool day here in the Mid Atlantic U.S. I thought about the clouds and decided to create some of my own using circles. iClouds for everyone!

Despite the gloomy atmosphere I am remaining upbeat. I am hoping to accomplish a lot of graphics related work today. I have several photo restoration projects in the pipeline, I have recently been offered an info graphic project from Bonsai Empire and I also have to think about a secondary website for myself to continue promoting my photo restoration work. Not expecting to complete all of these this weekend but hoping to put a dent in as many of these projects as possible. Wish me luck.

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Creation #114. Circles and Arcs 6.

Well Once again I am astounded that this Circles and Arcs thing is still going. Yes some recycling going on but still… still going with some decent designs.

Spring is Bonsai season for me. I take great delight in watching my trees emerge from dormancy, sprouting new leaves and branches. Here in the northern hemisphere I am not the only one with the bonsai bug. My friends at Bonsai Empire contacted me today with what may prove to be one of the most enjoyable projects I have ever worked on with them. More details to work out in the coming days but I am excited and thinking Asian inspired thoughts. These inspirations have infiltrated the Circles and Arcs theme with this bamboo illustration. Enjoy!

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