Daily Design #266. Candy Canes.

Daily Design #266. Thinking about candy canes today. Not my favorite candy by any means but I do like their design. Also been getting a lot of Duran Duran traffic the past few weeks. Just want to say welcome. I am listing to their new album right now and it is absolutely a pleasant surprise to say the least. The best album from them in years! See you all tomorrow with another design! ~Sean.

daily design #265 candy canes
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Music Art #10. Duran Duran, Strange Behaviour Tour 1987.

I was informed earlier today that the band was sent the link to Circadian Creative! So John, Nick, Simon and Roger – Welcome, I hope you like what you see and thanks for stopping by! Also, thank you for 30 years of great music!

Today I close my Duran Duran design spree with a concert poster. This was an actual show from 1987. It was my first Duran Duran show and, unofficially, my first concert. I can’t consider this a completely original design. However, I will consider it an original layout. The red, black and gold stars and bars graphic was a prominent design element for The Strange Behaviour Tour. It was featured on the cover of the concert program. Other merchandise donned the graphic as well. Personally, I used to own the program and a t-shirt. Where I took liberties can be seen in the textured effect I applied to the red back ground. The original designs featured solid colors. I used the black stripes to frame the three members of the band, converting the images to black and white and under exposing and diminishing their contrast a bit to maintain the original solid black bars as much as possible. I then added the concert details at the top on either side of the star. I also utilized the star to highlight the name of the opening act. That’s about it. Hope you like. Tomorrow is a new day and a new band, or musical artist. Who will it be? I don’t know yet. See you all then.. ~Sean

music art 10 - duran duran - strange behaviour tour 1987

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Music Art #8. Duran Duran, My Own Way.

Today  created artwork for the track My Own Way, which can be found on the RIO album. I used simple shape forms, arrows, to represent direction. I also borrowed similar colors from the album artwork found on the RIO album jacket keeping it simple by only utilizing two of those colors, a lavender blue and medium plum red. See you all tomorrow! ~Sean

music art 8 - duran duran - my own way.

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